Thursday, November 18, 2010

The purpose of this website and about me

This website is being erected to document my growth from amateur filmmaker and student to hopefully professional. This website is also being used to brand myself and act as a resume for future jobs. I also hope that this website can give motivation and guidance to other aspiring filmmakers.
My name is Danny Beane and I am an aspiring filmmaker. I am a film studies major at The Ohio State University that will be graduating by spring of 2011. I graduated Tecumseh High School in 2003 where then attended Ohio State as a Geology major. I figured out Geology wasn't the field for me so I took a 2 and a half year vacation from college to figure out what I wanted to do for a career.
I have always been a creative person with a passion for writing,drawing, painting. I have also had an almost expert like love and knowledge of cinema and cinema techniques since I was a kid. In 2007 Ohio State created the Film Studies major and this is what spurred me into wanting to take my childhood dream and make it into a reality. In the past 7 years I haven't had much hands on experience with cameras.
This quarter has been the first quarter has been the first quarter I have actually experienced editing and filming and it has been a blast. I will try to get all my videos posted online.