Friday, June 1, 2012

Filmmaking and Whats in a Year?

Well it has been a year since I have updated this blog. In a years time I believe I have finally come up with a plan to make the style of films I want to direct. This is my plan as outlined.

1. Make a short 10-15 minute prequel.
This film will give me some film making experience and help me craft the style I want for the feature length film. This short will help me with crowd sourcing my funding. I am planning on using either Kickstart/Indie Gogo to get about $4-5000 dollars to fun the short. I will then shop this around various film festivals to raise awareness for my feature length project.

2. My feature length project is expected to be about 90-120 minutes in length. I want it to be a horror movie with film noir style. It'll feature succubi, vampires and then end of the world! This is my ultimate goal. Chip Cooper and the Succubi's Seduction! With this movie I want to set up a world for most of my other horror films to take place in. Specifically I have had an idea for a movie called Mac Johnson and the Twilight World bouncing around in my head for a few years. I want it to have the adventure and epic feeling of Raiders of the Lost Arc with the humor and visual style of Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness.

Now I am starting to get a head of myself. I started righting the script back in April for Chip Cooper and the Succubi's Seduction but I only got seven pages in before 2 important things happened. I got a puppy which has been eating about 23 hours of my 24 hour day in. Also allergy season happened. Starting about  the second week of April I got hit with my usual seasonal allergies but with the early spring this year they have been unusually brutal. Most of the allergy meds I have taken have been ineffective. I started taken Zyrtec which supposedly for most people is a non drowsy allergy med. I however, am one of the few people that gets turned into a drowsy zombie. Since I started taking Zyrtec I have been averaging about 12 hours of sleep a day while being being unproductive for the rest of the day. Zyrtec manages to take the edge off my worst allergies but my eyes are still gummy, swollen and itchy and I still have horrible sneezing fits and a runny nose. Good news is my allergies usually stop about 2-3 weeks into June. So hopefully I get back on schedule.

Either way peace out!,
Danny Beane

P.S. random movie ideas I thought of while writing this post.
Horror movie about an evil cursed genie
Movie where I rip off the character of Revy from the anime Black Lagoon. Seriously she is awesome.